With DNA-app to discomfort zone and to museum

With DNA-app to discomfort zone and to museum

We had an intensive two days project planning about new culture and art applications. The aim was to create futuristic ideas how to use the data of self-measurement technologies.

[This is shorter English summary without the background research content. The original article in Finnish: DNA:lla epämukavuusalueelle – ja museoon.]

My project/idea was an application called Musedna. The idea was quite high-flying first but started to sound realistic in near future. The application would suggest museums for the user depending on one’s own DNA.

We were practicing to use different kind of methods to find the needs, dreams and actions of potential users with Legos, post-its and collages.

Good life and hard choices

When we try to describe good life, there is often mentioned understanding of the world around me and self development. I see that the role of art, culture and museums are is to help with both of them and to make the understanding concrete.

Čeginskas (2015, 69) interviewed people with multicultural background and found out that overall any human does not have one clear identity. Person can have multiple cultural sides, and identity can vary depending on the situation. The application considers that identity is a process and may vary depending on emotions and it can consist of permanent and variable elements. (Čeginskas, 2015, 18-19.)

How it would work

Musedna-application helps a customer to choose easily and individually the right museum to visit depending on your genetic heritage and emotions. It is a new application but combines already existing concepts. It mixes the idea of Biomeme-machine, which measures your DNA and iCare-application, which measures your emotions from scanned picture of your finger tip.

Using first time Musedna, it will download the information about your genetic heritage from your saliva. After that the application collects all the data from your smart phone you will allow it to use, example museums you have visited, trips, locations and often used keywords from your messages.

“To Comfort The Disturbed, and to Disturb the Comfortable” – Cesar Cruz

The application will compare your comfort zone and discomfort zone to suggest museums you should visit. The application will measure emotions on each time to control the users ability and need to learn something new or to comfort on supportive way. The application measures in which museum you can find the most content you should learn about or content that will support your own experiences.

Musedna would be easy to use after first time, but it would need a lot of meta data from museums and their collections. The application would also need a lot of personal data to share with the application.

The digital culture workshop was held by University of Turku 2017.


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